Today I am going to give a brief description of the first income program everyone joins on day 1 of the 10k challenge. The name of the income program is Infinity Downline and here’s how it works.


On day 1 of the 10k Challenge you are asked to open 3 new gmail accounts. One for your main 10k business, one for a contact email for safelists and the last for a list email for the safelists. You will also be told to join Infinity Downline. You are given 30 days free when you join Infinity Downline before you are asked to upgrade for $25. Who ever you signed up under in Infinity Downline will upgrade you from their back office.


Here’s where it get’s interesting. When you go to sign up with Infinity Downline in your 10k back office you will see under the banner a statement that says ” This link may lead to a site that is not your sponsor. That is OK, Sign up anyway.” I didn’t understand that at first but soon realized what was going on when my downline in Infinity Downline was growing but not with people who had signed up with me in 10k.


I know this is a little confusing so here’s how it works:


1) In order to qualify for payments in ID (Infinity Downline) you must have 4 people in your downline. You keep 2 and you pass up 2 to your sponser. Everyone pays $25 after their free trial is up, if they want to keep going. So at this point I have $50 coming to me in 30 days and just passed $50 up to my sponser.
2) Here’s where it gets cool. Now that I have qualified I start to promote my first person in my ID downlines referral link. This makes sense since they are going to pass 2 people up to me just like I had to do. Now he’s in profit and sent me 2 people so that’s $50 for me and I now have 4 people under me in ID equaling $100. This just keeps repeating itself.


That’s the key to the 10k challenge. Everyone works together to help each other get into profit quick. The other neat concept is that by the time you have to upgrade you will already have a downline in place and know that they will pay you when their time comes.


Remember ID is the first of many different income sources you will be apart of in the 10k challenge. As of today I am on day 32 and the 10k challenge has performed exactly like it is designed to do. At this point I have 6 people in my ID downline ($150) and am helping the third person in my downline promote their ID link.


If you want to read my other overall review of the 10k challenge you can do so by clicking here.
For the amount of time you spend doing the daily checklist (under 1 hour) and since everyone helps each oter so your not left out on an island to fend for yourself, the 10k challenge is a great program to be apart of and I highly recommend it.
You can get started right now by clicking the link below: You will be taken to one of my team members sites. we do this for everyone to make sure we all get into profit fast.


Join The 10k Challenge Here




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